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MyKidsChart is a secure internet portal that allows current Dayton Children's patients and/or their legal guardians to view select areas of their electronic medical records currently maintained by Dayton Children's. This is a courtesy service that Dayton Children's makes available to families as they visit our facilities for their ongoing medical needs and is intended for non-urgent communication only. MyKidsChart should never be used in place of 911 or verbal communication with the patient's physician in the case of a medical emergency.

Medical information available via MyKidsChart is solely intended for the patient and/or patient's legal guardian(s) and not intended as a method to transfer or provide medical records to other medical facilities or medical providers. Dayton Children's is not responsible or liable for disclosures of the patient's medical information obtained through an unauthorized use of a password or a user's sharing of this information with individuals not legally authorized to view the patient's medical information. Dayton Children's will consider any unauthorized use of a password or the patient information available via MyKidsChart to be a breach of the user's Access Agreement, and Dayton Children's will take appropriate legal steps to remedy such breach, including but not limited to immediate termination of said Agreement. Dayton Children's reserves the right to terminate access to MyKidsChart at any time and for any reason, without advance notice. Activities within MyKidsChart may be tracked by computer audit, and entries that a user make may become part of the medical record. The user understands and agrees that use of MyKidsChart is at the user's own risk and there is no guarantee of confidentiality of any communication submitted over the internet.

The accuracy, completeness, appropriateness and usefulness of all information submitted by a user of MyKidsChart is the sole responsibility of the user, and under no circumstances will Dayton Children's or any medical professional responding to a question submitted via MyKidsChart be liable in any way for any information submitted by the user. The user bears all risks associated with the use of any information submitted by the user, including but not limited to any reliance on the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of such information. The user further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Dayton Children's, its affiliates, officers, trustees and employees from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the accuracy, completeness, appropriateness and usefulness of the information the user submits via MyKidsChart.